Lab Training/Quality Coordinator

9 Jun 2017

This position is under the direction of the Laboratory Superintendent. Work performed will be hands on assay support and training of a laboratory facility personnel. The laboratory facility includes analytical and metallurgical functions performed by a staff of Laboratory Technicians and Shift Supervisors.

Exploration Geology Technician (Temporaray)

9 Jun 2017

This is an entry level position that reports to the Geology Tech Supervisor. The employee must demonstrate the ability to perform in the following areas: • PROVIDES DRILL RIGS WITH SAMPLING MATERIALS • PICKS UP SAMPLES FROM DRILLS AND THE FIELD • CORE CUTTING

Refinery Technician

8 Jun 2017

The Refinery Technician is a hands-on position, responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the smelting furnace, sludge filtering, cathode cleaning and carbon eluting systems. This technician will perform a wide variety of job functions in multiple areas within the refinery, carbon stripping & wider process plant. This will include working with the process technicians, hosing, loading mill media & other tasks associated with the wider process operations. The incumbent must be very flexible both in hours of work and task to be performed

ECR Pump Technician

6 Jun 2017

Responsible for performing site reclamation and sediment control. Manage mine pumps and pipelines.

Process Operations Technician

16 May 2017

Process Operations Technicians report to the Operations Shift Supervisor. These positions are hands-on field positions responsible for the safe and efficient operation of process equipment and systems. Technicians will perform a wide variety of job functions in multiple areas within the process plant and/or water management areas (including tailing storage facility).

Process Manager

15 May 2017

This position is responsible for all areas of process including the lab facility (KML), process operations and process maintenance.

Blast Hole Driller

12 May 2017

Operation of Blasthole Drills and other Heavy Equipment as necessary

Mobile Maintenance/Lube Tech

12 May 2017

Performs preventive maintenance such as changing oil, greasing and replacing parts on a scheduled basis

Exploration Driller

11 May 2017

Operate various types of Core Drills for the purpose of exploration

Heavy Equipment Operator

9 May 2017

Must demonstrate the ability to operate a haul truck plus a water truck, and three pieces of support equipment (one of which may be a loading tool). Must be able to work under minimal supervision in environments where the primary objective is safe production

Heavy Equipment/Mobile Maintenance Technician

8 May 2017

Diagnose, repair an maintain various types of heavy equipment used in Mining