ECR Pump Technician


  1. Support mine stormwater management and sediment control activities. This includes installing and maintaining stormwater control structures such as silt fence and silt fence outlets, sediment dams, stormwater sediment ponds, and diversion channels.
  2. Perform mine reclamation including grading slopes for reclamation where required and seeding with a hydro-seeder. Soil amendments may need to be applied such as lime and fertilizer.
  3. Manage mine water pumping including installing and operating diesel and gas powered mine pumps and associated pipelines and hoses. Manage the sump or pond levels as required.
  4. Manage the water truck fill pumps and ponds and the truck fill pad.
  5. Other tasks as assigned..

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Ability to understand and apply verbal and written work and safety-related instructions and procedures given in English.
  2. Ability to communicate in English with respect to job assignments, job procedures, and applicable safety standards.


  1. Must complete site specific hazard training.
  2. Must be able to satisfactorily complete training programs per the training policy.
  3. Knowledgeable in pumping and basic hydraulics and mechanics.
  4. Knowledgeable in basic agriculture and equipment operation.

Skills & Abilities:

  1. Mechanical aptitude skills for moving, hoisting, and positioning, connecting and disconnecting pipes and hoses. This includes the use of wrenches and tools for bolt up of pipe fittings and performing minor repairs. Operation of an HDPE pipe fusion machine will be necessary for pipeline installation and repairs.
  2. Demonstrate operating proficiency with reclamation equipment such as a hydro-seeder, water truck, rubber tired backhoes and track hoes, skid steer loaders and implements, small dozers, agriculture tractor and tow behind implements, and medium duty trucks.
  3. Communicate via 2-way radio.
  4. Good vision, both day and night.


High school diploma or equivalent is preferred.


Reclamation and sediment control and basic agriculture. Mechanical aptitude demonstrated by mechanical work. Medium to heavy equipment operations.

Reasoning Ability:

Must possess the ability to apply common sense or logic to a problem solving solution.

Must be a self-starter and able to work under minimal supervision.

Must be safety conscious and a champion of OGS mine safety program.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

SCEPSCI certification (attend training and pass SCEPSI exam)

14 Sep 2017

Work Type:
United States
Haile Operations
Date expires:
31 Dec 2017