Exploration Drill Superintendent


Drilling operations & leadership

  • Manage, coach, lead, train and mentor multiple drill crews, 3 drill supervisors, 2 mechanics and 1-2 water truck drivers on rotating day/night schedules
  • Manage daily drilling operations for 4 LF90 core drills and 1 Schramm 650 RC drill, evolving to UG core drilling in 2021
  • Develop drilling strategies to safely maximize productivity and reduce costs
  • Manage and coordinate drilling operations with drilling contractors as required
  • Motivate and hold drill crews & drill supervisors accountable for drilling and safety performance
  • Recruit new drilling staff
  • Mentor and train drill supervisors, develop succession plans
  • Oversee drilling operations and troubleshoot drilling problems
  • Pursue opportunities for directional drilling of deep targets
  • Operate core and/or RC drills if regularly scheduled drillers are not available
  • Ensure that exploration drill holes are properly abandoned when completed
  • Order drill and other supplies and liaise with purchasing team
  • Maintain inventory
  • Prepare presentations to exploration staff to monitor and report performance and safety trends


Safety & environment

  • Be a visible safety leader with a strong field presence
  • Drive a safety value culture of stop-think-act, hazard ID and high housekeeping standards
  • Consistently demonstrate respect, integrity, action, accountability, teamwork and innovation
  • Participate in and lead pre-shift safety meetings and driller safety meetings
  • Participate in risk assessment programs to reduce drilling risks using hierarchy of control
  • Conduct drill site inspections to ensure safe and environmentally compliant work practices
  • Enter safety incidents and observations into INX program
  • Monitor and mitigate root causes of drill-related accidents
  • Ensure that equipment is well maintained and cleaned, including light vehicles
  • Ensure that proper PPE is used, cared for and available
  • Ensure timely reporting of all incidents and notify security & management



Costs and improvements

  • Pursue opportunities to reduce drilling costs
  • Assess mud consumption and bit wear
  • Monitor drill rod wear and inventory
  • Address issues of poor core recovery and poor RC sample recovery
  • Pursue opportunities to increase drill availability, reduce down time and increase penetration rates
  • Develop and implement a drill cost tracking system with the Exploration Director; actively participate in the annual budgeting process
  • Monitor monthly costs and explain variances greater than 20%
  • Work closely with mechanics and drillers to develop effective maintenance programs to support effective budgeting and to avoid surprises
  • Develop an inventory system of all drill supplies, track consumption and stocks
  • Monitor driller performance for penetration rates, down time, consumables, sick days, accidents
  • Work closely with water truck drivers to support drilling and reduce fuel consumption



  • Work closely with Exploration Director, drill supervisors, drill crews, geologists and other departments to optimize work efficiencies and complete drilling programs on time
  • Conduct drill site visits with visitors, regulators and management
  • Coordinate with mine foreman for drilling and safe access inside active mining and haulage areas
  • Be respectful of landowners and the public when drilling offsite, and maintain confidentiality
  • Perform all activities to conform to Federal, State and OceanaGold regulatory, safety and environmental requirements
  • Perform other duties as required





  • >10 years’ experience of UG and surface core drilling/supervision
  • >10 years’ experience of RC and water well drilling/supervision
  • preferred: directional drilling experience and class C or above drillers license



  • On-the-job driller and drill assistant training
  • High school diploma
  • preferred: college or technical institute education


Combination of education and experience will be considered


Safety and regulatory

  • Knowledge of relevant Federal MSHA and SC State laws
  • Ability to make sound judgments regarding safety, environment and regulations
  • Proven safety record supported by safe work practices with no major accidents


Skills & Abilities

  • Superior team building & problem-solving skills
  • Supervise, train and mentor drill supervisors, drillers and drill assistants
  • Strong mechanical aptitude
  • Ability to maintain drill and drill-related equipment.
  • Strong verbal communications skills; respond calmly to all situations
  • Good writing skills and ability to understand written instructions
  • Good presentation skills, knowledge of PowerPoint
  • Good computer skills in Outlook (e mail), INX, Explorer, Word and Excel

21 Jun 2019

Work Type:
United States
Haile Operations
Date expires:
31 Aug 2019