Permit to Work Officer

Department Objectives

Maximize the value from our natural resources, plant & equipment through:

·         No Lost Time Injuries

·         Development of team members to add value to Oceana Gold group and individuals within the team

·         Achieve or better budget production numbers for Gold production

·         Achieve targets at or less than budget for costs

·         Strive to improve areas of safety and environmental protection

·         Increase production while reducing cost per tonne of ore through the mill

·         Increase mill throughput and utilisation of the plant

Job Objectives

  • Primary role is to ensure PTW systems and procedures are in place and being complied with and to provide input on maintenance, contractor and operator training to ensure understanding and compliance to the site isolation requirements.
  • Development and maintain PTW system to ensure minimum effect on production whilst still covering all aspects of safety and environmental control. Ensure that all plant items and isolation points are adequately identified and the Isolation registration sheets are available for all plant areas and equipment.

Key Results Areas

  • Permitting Isolation and Deisolation times are in line with the Shutdown Plans

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

1.     Demonstrate at all times values of respect, integrity, teamwork, innovation, action & accountability;

2.     Develops and maintains Permit to Work system to suit the Haile project while ensuring company isolation and work standards are complied with.

3.     Maintains plant isolations & confined spaces are all clearly identified and registration lists for all isolation points, CSP, and Level 2 isolation lists are developed accurately

4.     Ensures safe work conditions are given to employees and ensure standard operating procedures and safe systems to work are formulated/continually updated and adhere to.

5.     Contributes to mill shutdown activities with other departments, to ensure minimum downtime results and therefore minimum lost revenue occurs via sound education and training of permit to work systems.

6.     Isolates plant equipment and issue permits as required by maintenance, operations and contractor personnel on and around the process plant work areas.

7.     Coordinates the development of the Management of Change (MOC) systems to ensure that all documentation and processes are followed and completed for any plant modifications or changes as per the company MOC policy, and that these are integrated into the PTW system.

8.     Assist to develop, implement and coordinate operator-training initiatives for operational personnel.

9.     Assists in site and development Inductions with respect to the PTW system.

10.  Maintains Safe Work Procedures to ensure consistent standard and accurate processes within the processing department.

11.  Be focused on a continuous improvement outlook with demonstrable installed benefits in plant production, performance and costs via operator skill levels.

12.  Liaises with training providers to ensure quality and effective training outcomes.

13.  Attends trainings/development programs and to perform other duties required by the Company from time to time.

14.  Adheres to environment, Health & Safety policies. Contributes to the achievement of targets & objectives, and applies procedures, permits and instructions;

·         Performs work safely, and immediately reports unsafe situations to supervisors. No retribution is to be exercised against any person who stops work or seek assistance over a genuine and realistic safety concerns;

·         uses and follows all approved plant and department safely, health and environmental rules, procedures and directions;

·         regularly inspects the workplace and ensures it is in safe condition;

·         ensures tools and equipment are in a safe condition and uses them properly (immediately removes from service defective tools and equipment);

·         seek assistance if you don’t have the skills, physical capabilities or knowledge to safely carry out a task;

·         knows their personal limitation and reports immediately to supervisors any conditions that may prevent performing work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner;

·         Always stops to identify conditions, which could cause an injury or harm to the environment. Corrects the situation, or if unable to correct the situation immediately report it to your supervisor;

·         cares and watches out for the safety of co-workers and people entering the area;

·         assist new employees in understanding the HSE requirements- exercise positive peer influence to enhance safe behavior;

·         actively participates in incident investigations, health, safety and environment programs, activities, audits and industrial hygiene studies as required;

·         Maintains the required level of housekeeping.


      Safety, Health and Environment

Ø  Ensures attendance to SHE’s mandatory trainings as endorsed by immediate superior or Department Manager

Ø  Always wear prescribed PPE

Ø  Ensures that every task is performed safely; uses the principle of:

o    Stop – Assess the task before doing the work

o    Identify the Hazards

o    Assess the Risks

o    Control the Risks


      Functions indirectly-related to main KPIs; Occasionally performed

Ø  Covers the role of the Process Trainer when on break or on leave

Ø  Other reasonable duties as required by the immediate supervisor or Department Manager




Minimum Qualifications



Educational Background :


·         College graduate, a degree in engineering is highly regarded

·         Workplace Trainer Certificate or a desire to gain qualification

·         Workplace Assessors Certificate IV or a desire to gain qualification

·         Senior First Aid Certificate


Work Experience and Background:

·         Minimum of 2 years’ experience and skills on the following equipment processes.

·         Minimum of 3 years’ experience as systems provider/trainer or supervisor in Lockout permitting systems in the mining industry or similar heavy industrial type industry.

Skills Required:

Skills on the following equipment process and advantage.

·         Crushing, Grinding, Flotation, CIL, Elution, Mobile support equipment





9 Aug 2019

Work Type:
United States
Haile Operations
Date expires:
30 Sep 2019