Senior Project Engineer (Mining)


Key Tasks

(Tasks associated with each area of responsibility)

·         Planning and executing Projects

·         Provide technical expertise

·         Vendor relations

·         Assist in the development of Project Policies and procedures

·         Liaison with OGC operations and maintenance groups

·         Other responsibilities and functions as assigned


Core Competencies (Please refer to ‘Position & Core Competency Model’ when selecting Core Competencies)

Develops, communicates and gains commitment to objectives in support of operational goals


Builds morale and embraces diversity through mutual respect and confidence to achieve common goals


Improves and adds value to work activities through empowerment and operational leadership within and between departments


Quickly understands situations and uses resources creatively to reach an effective outcome


Supports organisational change and mobilises resources to deliver results against plan


Sets tasks and goals and manages the team performance to achieve daily outcomes


OGC Strategic Objectives to support realising the vision

1.     Injury free, healthy work environments without fatalities.

2.     Recognised for responsible environmental management.

3.     Demonstrated and positively recognised social responsibilities with communities.

4.     Established positive government relations that enable company activities.

5.     Realise the potential of our people to build a high performance organisation.

6.     Maximise the value from our mineral resources, plant and equipment.

7.     Value enhancement through cost management and continuous improvement processes.

8.     Ensure a pipeline of quality projects to deliver growth in shareholder returns.

9.     Effective common OceanaGold framework.


Position Required Capabilities

People Skills:

·         Ability to work with others

·         Ability to communicate effectively

·         Demonstrate professional conduct

·         Strong attention to detail

·         Ability to think analytically

·         A motivated self-starter who can operate autonomously when required

·         Ability to work with multi-cultural teams

·         Strong results orientation and ability to consistently deliver against the plan

·         Excellent planning, organizing and prioritization capabilities

Leadership Skills:

·         Acts in a manner that builds trust and demonstrates integrity

·         Develops and maintains a positive working relations with others

·         Promotes high levels of accountability and employee empowerment

·         Committed to continuously improving the safe and efficient operation of the mine

·         Acts with a sense of urgency when troubleshooting and resolving problems

·         Team building skills

·         Good written and verbal communication skills

Technical Skills:

·         Advanced professional report writing

·         Advanced MS Office and MS Project skills.

·         Advanced professional report writing & cost reporting ability.

·         Heavy Equipment Automation experience

·         Database information management exposure

·         Database report writing and business analytic tool use


·         Must possess the ability to apply common sense or logic to a problem solving solutions

·         Mine operating system (plan, do, check act cycle) expertise

·         Mine performance measurement, reporting and analytics

·         ADAPT Program direction and guiding principles


·         5 years + Mining experience

·         2 years + Equipment Automation Experience

·         Dealing with regulatory entities

·         Coordination with OEMs and implementing projects across disciplines

Education, Qualifications, Tickets, Licences:

·         Mining Engineering Degree (or similar relevant tertiary qualification).



Physical Requirements

1.     While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, sit, demonstrate manual dexterity, climb stairs, talk, hear and see.

2.     Occasionally may be required to lift moderately heavy objects (up to 60 pounds) during the course of the workday.

3.     Work is in a mine setting, which may include exposure to extremes in temperature and humidity.

4.     Personal protective equipment is required when performing work in the mine environment, including hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, safety footwear, and as needed, respirator, protective clothing, gloves and any other protective equipment as required.

5.     Haile Gold Mine Inc. promotes a drug/alcohol free work environment through the use of mandatory pre-employment drug testing and on-going random drug testing.



Safety Management

·       Promote safety health & environmental awareness to prevent injuries and/or damage.

·       Carry out and document field leadership safety interactions with work groups.

·       Take all appropriate actions to remove and/or manage the hazards within Mine Operating areas.

·       Ensure all incidents are reported via line management and ensure open communication is maintained for all HS&E information.

·       Lead and Participate in incident investigations and ensure actions are implemented and closed in the required time frames.

·       Ensure company Safety Management Systems are included in any review or development of Project documentation.

·       Participate in Project Risk assessment development and actively monitor/implement subsequent control measures.

·         Coordinate the development of risk based operational documentation


People and Performance

·       Develop working relationships with the Site Operations Team, to enable longer term working relationships between Project teams to grow.

·       Assist in identifying resource skills and opportunities within the Projects team to execute tasks and act as the liaison with these resources to initiate and manage the works being undertaken.

·       Communicate regularly and effectively with colleagues to promote a harmonious working environment.


Operational Responsibilities

·       Coordinate the input of various Engineering functions during the development, approval and execution phases of Projects.

·       Prepare documentation for all phases of Projects including; idea charters, risk assessments, operating procedures, management of change and Close out Reports.

·       Liaise with Operations concerning the development of projects from conceptual design through to completion.

·       Manage the execution of Work Packages including, Management of Contractors, Service Providers and Consultants from mobilisation to close out.

·       Carry out discipline engineering works for Projects being undertaken.

·       Coordinate interfaces between the project, Operations and other business activities regarding the completion of Project activities.

·       Maintain daily records of works management, including incidents, progress, delays and the achievement of milestones. Ensure the Manager is promptly informed of all relevant matters and developments associated with construction activities and site works management.

·       Provide technical support to the Site Ops team.



·       Develop metrics for the measurement of Projects in progress, collect data for tracking progress against plan and provide inputs for weekly and monthly reports. 

·       Participate in the development of Project schedules for all works being undertaken.

·       Provide data for the tracking and reporting against schedule for all project engineering activities as per the requirements of the Manager.

·       Proactively highlight any events that may adversely affect project schedule to the Manager in a timely fashion.

·         The development and adherence to idea charter and project implementation plan schedules



·       Participate in the development of any cost estimates when scoping projects, along with proposed cost benefit through the Idea Charter.

·       Have a detailed understanding of the budget allocation for the Works being undertaken.

·       Provide data for the management of cost tracking and forecasting of Work being managed as per direction of the Manager.

·       Actively look for opportunities to implement cost savings without effecting safety, schedule or quality.

·         The development and measurement of idea benefits to ensure cost optimisation and investments meet minimum investment hurdles



·         Ensure all activities within area of control are completed to the specifications nominated for the works being undertaken.

·         Ensure all works under area of control are completed to a standard that is fit for purpose and meets the end user’s requirements, South Carolina state requirements, MSHA standards

·         Ensure works under area of control have the appropriate QA/QC documentation (inspection test plans) in place prior to the work commencing. Carry out QC inspections and ensure QC inspection test plans are signed off at the required witness and hold points prior to work progressing.

·         Compile QA/QC documentation into structured hand over packs during the course of the works, finalise QA/QC hand over packs at the end of each work package/project.

·         Rationalise existing mine operating systems and avoid digitizing an inefficient process

·         Ensure data collection and analysis is available to validate improvement ideas


14 Oct 2019

Work Type:
United States
Haile Operations
Date expires:
30 Nov 2019