Haul Truck Operator

27 Jan 2021

Tasks and Responsibilities / Essential Functions

Follow all duties and responsibilities as per the Mine Operator Job Description.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Extensive experience in an open cut mining production environment
  • All types of Haul Truck  experience

Performance Criteria

Comply with all safety and attendance criteria as listed in the Mine Operator Job Description.

Machine Operation Key Performance Indicators by Skill Level

Competency for each KPI is measured by sustained and consistent performance.

Safe to operate:

  • Pre-start checks are carried out in accordance with manufacturers’ and/or site requirements.
  • Basic product knowledge and site layout required to complete the associated task is received and applied.
  • Start-up, park-up, shutdown and communication procedures are carried out to manufacturers’ and/or site requirement including log on procedures for machine.
  • Emergency procedures are carried out in accordance with the manufacturers’ and/or mine procedures.
  • Safe operating practices, including operating controls, monitoring gauges and systems, conducting safety checks and use of two way radio and any other system for communication are carried out within manufacturers’ and/or site specific requirements.
  • Truck is operated within vehicle limitations as specified by the manufacturer and/or site requirements.
  • Ensure the machine is operated in a manner that maximizes tire life.
  • Records are maintained in accordance with site requirements.
  • Position truck under all types of loading equipment specific to the site and within site rules.
  • Loading and hauling operations are carried out with all types of materials in all weather conditions by day and night; within safety requirements and accurate delivery of material to assigned dump location.
  • Dumping operations are carried out with regards to legislative/site requirements.
  • Work is completed in accordance with the agreed plan and outcomes and within the operating capacities of the equipment.
  • Zero equipment damage due to negligence or not following procedure.

Work Type:
United States
Haile Operations
Date expires:
31 Mar 2021